Want to learn Angular JS in a professional way – it is possible with Jay IT solutions Angular JS Online Training Course. A revolution in Web applications development programming is triggered by Ang.JS. Now a days many applications in web and its Functionality implementation made easy with Angular JS.

But to get a practical learning Knowledge in this course is not an easy task. Very limited options are there for a real time training. We provide advanced version of Angular-JS and give deep insights of project development and deployment. Trainees will learn each concept with test subjects implementation. We provide Video Recorded sessions for Self Paced learning.

Our trainers who have successfully completed many Ang.Js projects for real time clients. We have good resources and learning environment for best training. Angular JS has revolutionized Web Application Development in these days. Many E-Commerce portals, Service providers, CMS platforms have been utilizing ANG.JS for their needs.

Practical tasks and customized challenges are given for advanced level of tasking with full learning. We will also give training materials in soft copies daily for reference. Plan your training session with our multi timings for ease in your schedule. You can download the course contents and subscribe to us for more information.